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When USCIS Is Wrong And I…

When USCIS Is Wrong And Insists Your Case Belongs In Immigration Court

By Alary E. Piibe What’s a person to do when they qualify for a green card but USCIS tells them to file it with the wrong agency? One recent client’s case is a prime example of the nightmarish tangle when a person is caught between USCIS and Immi… Read More
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Real-Life Story: The Trap…

Real-Life Story: The Traps People Don't See

By Alary E. Piibe I attended a green card interview with my client today and walked away with a sense of relief that I had been there to help. This is a long-time client of almost 20 years, and during all this time the government has been trying to d… Read More
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A Maze of Laws: Government "Typo" Error Prevents Green Card 20 Years Later

You’ve heard this exclamation: “Why don’t all the ‘illegals’ just go ahead and get legal immigration status?” Well, the answer is that the immigration laws throw up many technical difficulties, and work against common sense. Take a case i… Read More
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Success Story: Border Patrol Error Almost Cost an Immigrant His Future

The DACA program offers immigrant youth a number of benefits: it can stop deportation and you can get a work permit. With a work permit, you can get a social security number and a better job – all without fear of being deported. But DACA also offer… Read More
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