Work Permits

Work Permits

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Our immigration lawyers help clients get work permits by accurately completing the application form, and submitting it to USCIS with the appropriate filing fee. We also offer free preparation of your first work authorization application (form I-765), in conjunction with your removal, asylum or adjustment of status case.

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What is a U.S. work permit?

Also known as “work authorization,” "employment authorization document," or “EAD,” a work permit usually may only be granted in conjunction with a pending application for some other type of relief or benefit, such as asylum, adjustment of status, NACARA, etc.

Work permits do not give permission to be in the U.S.

Contrary to popular belief, a work permit, employment authorization document, or EAD, does not give its holder legal permission to be present in the U.S. A work permit simply allows a person to accept work.

There is no such thing as a stand-alone work permit.

Work permits are only available in conjunction with an immigration status that you already hold, or in conjunction with an application before USCIS for an immigration status. Common immigration statuses / applications include:

Applying for a Work Permit: Free Assessment

At Hill & Piibe, our immigration lawyers complete the work permit application form and submit it to USCIS. Our representation with your removal, asylum or adjustment of status case also includes free preparation of your first work authorization application (form I-765) , most of which must be renewed every year.

As of 2021, work permit applications take about seven months to process at USCIS. Renewals can be sent 180 days before the expiration of your current work permit.

For more information about work permits, please see the USCIS Website. Contact us to ask how our immigration attorneys can help with your work permit.

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