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Free Immigration Information Online

Before scheduling a consultation with Hill & Piibe, we recommend you visit the comprehensive information available at no cost elsewhere on this website or from the U.S. government. These links and websites answer many questions about immigration law and how to qualify and apply for benefits:

Hill & Piibe Immigration Services

USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) website

U.S. Department of State website

USCIS Information on Business / Visa / Investor immigration

Free Initial Case Assessment Appointment

FREE for in-person appointments only. You will meet with an attorney and our experienced staff, who will review your basic information.

30 minutes or less. This assessment appointment normally costs $60 per hour, but the fee is waived if the appointment is completed within 30 minutes.

No legal advice. The only purpose of this appointment is to determine if we can take your case, and to inform you of our fee to represent you. There is no risk of you spending money just to hear that we cannot help.

Common types of cases for this appointment. Approximately 90% of our appointments fall under this category. This appointment is appropriate for:

  • Removal/Deportation cases
  • Detention cases
  • Motions and appeals
  • Family-based green cards (no travel in/out of U.S. while paperwork is pending)
  • Waivers
  • Criminal issues
  • Asylum
  • DACA
  • Green card renewal
  • Naturalization

Complex cases may require further legal research. You will have the option to retain the law firm for this additional research.

If you are in detention, you may send a friend or family member with authorization to speak on your behalf.

Telephone, Skype or Email: Initial Assessment Appointment

Cost: $150

See above for further information about initial case assessment appointments. Initial assessment appointments via telephone/Skype or e-mail require more staff time to prepare and conduct, and therefore we charge a fee of $150.00.

Legal Advice Consultation

Cost: $350/hour (30 minute increments)

Appointment cost is credited to your legal fees if you retain Hill & Piibe for the case.

Telephone, Skype and email appointments available, as well as in-person meetings at our office locations.

Common types of cases for this appointment:

  • Visas (including fiancé visas)
  • Employment green cards
  • Investors
  • Visa Waiver/ESTA
  • Marriage green cards if you need to travel in/out of the U.S. while paperwork is pending
  • Any other legal advice, including how to answer questions on the immigration forms

Additional Information 

Confidentiality and Attorney-Client Relationship

All consultations/assessments are kept confidential. Please note that a consultation/assessment does not bind Hill & Piibe as your attorneys, or to represent you before the Immigration Service or any courts. A separate written agreement must be entered into if you desire any legal services.

To Schedule

Please fill out the form on this page, or you may contact any office location directly:

  • Downtown Los Angeles: (213) 622-8775
  • San Juan Capistrano (South Orange County): (949) 443-0488
  • Email info@hillandpiibe.com for an appointment with any location

About Attorney Fees

  • Flat Rate: Hill & Piibe charges a flat rate for most cases, with a deposit of about 10-50% down and monthly payments available.
  • Down-payments must be done in a lump sum — we do not accept payment installments on down-payments.
  • For accelerated cases, a different payment model may apply.
  • No Interest: We do not charge interest on balances due.
  • Late-Fees: We DO charge a late-fee penalty for overdue payments.
  • Government filing fees are NOT INCLUDED in attorney fees.
  • Attorney fees do not cover excessive costs such as postage, copying, translations, professional services such as physicians and psychologists, transportation, hotel, etc. This is not an exhaustive list.
  • Fee Range: Each case varies depending on its complexity, but our flat fees range anywhere between $250 for basic research/services to $7,500 or more for complex cases.

Hill & Piibe is not obligated to commence work on any case until the down-payment is received AND all written retainers and intake questionnaires are completed in full, signed and returned to Hill & Piibe.

Payment Methods

We accept payment by cash, money order, check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Wire transfers are accepted for an additional processing fee of $50.00. The processing fee covers all bank fees that are added on for a wire transfer (your bank and our bank and any intermediary banks), plus additional staff time to track the wire transfer.

What You Will Need at Your Appointment

Please bring all your immigration and criminal record documents to the appointment. For telephone/Skype and e-mail consultations, you will need to complete an intake questionnaire that will be faxed or e-mailed to you beforehand. You may provide up to 15 pages of documents to the office beforehand by fax, or an unlimited number of documents via e-mail.

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