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Your Family Member’s Illness: Should You Put Yourself Into Deportation Proceedings?

At our law firm, some new clients make an appointment to ask us about starting a “Cancellation of Removal,” or a “Ten-Year Case.” Most of the time, they have heard about this from a friend, or even from a notario (non-attorney) or an attorney… Read More
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A Maze of Laws: Government "Typo" Error Prevents Green Card 20 Years Later

You’ve heard this exclamation: “Why don’t all the ‘illegals’ just go ahead and get legal immigration status?” Well, the answer is that the immigration laws throw up many technical difficulties, and work against common sense. Take a case i… Read More
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A “Nolo Contendere” Criminal Plea Can Have Unintended Consequences Without the Right Guidance

A couple of weeks ago we filed a Ninth Circuit appeal that demonstrates how a sharp attorney can make a difference where criminal records are involved. Even minor criminal convictions could have serious consequences on an immigration case, after the… Read More
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Ninth Circuit Criticizes The BIA For Failing To Exercise Thoughtfulness When Analyzing New Evidence In An Ethiopian Torture Case

Last Friday, the Ninth Circuit ruled on a case that gives good guidance on two potentially complex issues. In Agonafer v. Sessions, the Court first examined its jurisdiction to consider a late-filed Motion to Reopen a removal/deportation case for pur… Read More
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More Details on How Ice Will Target Immigrants for Arrest/Deportation

In a recent meeting with attorneys from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), ICE answered questions and clarified how it is interpreting President Trump’s new directives for increased immigration enforcement. Hill & Piibe’s ea… Read More
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Ninth Circuit Judges Sound Off In Two Cases, Highlighting The Debate Over Justice And The Future of Immigration Law And Policy

On Tuesday May 30, 2017 the Ninth Circuit published two decisions, wherein two judges on opposing sides of the spectrum weighed in with their opinions and comments to underscore different viewpoints of immigration policy. Habitual Drunkards, and How… Read More
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Drunk Driving (DUI) Has a Wide Effect in Immigration Laws

DUI’s are bad. And immigration law has little tolerance for them. The level of danger depends on the severity of the DUI conviction, the number of DUI convictions, and the immigrant’s status in the U.S. (documented or undocumented). DUI’s can b… Read More
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In Case of Detention

Employers, family members and friends want to know how to help someone they care about if that person is detained. Here’s what happens, and what can be done to help: Act quickly and have us get involved right away to determine how we can help—som… Read More
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Brief Summary of New Deportation Policies

We are preparing a newsletter with full coverage of all the new immigration policies since Trump took office last month. But until then, here is a short summary, with some explanation of how it can affect you/your family/your business. Most of the ne… Read More
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Ninth Circuit Will Reconsider Whether Alcoholism is a Bar to Immigration Benefits

On October 12, 2016, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals voted to re-hear a case decided earlier this year, Ledezma-Cosino v. Lynch, No. 12-73289 (March 24, 2016). In the earlier decision, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held… Read More
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