Permanent Residency (Green Cards) for Participants in the United States Equestrian Industry

Permanent Residency (Gree…

Below are the green card categories for common occupations in the U.S. equestrian industry. EACH CASE IS DIFFERENT and likelihood of success varies.

For more free information on any listed green card, visit the USCIS government website.



All Riders

Regular Grooms

Head Grooms

All Trainers

Wait Time

Who May File the Green Card Visa Petition for Me?

EB-1-1 (First)

Top 10% record or distinguished resume (Extraordinary Ability)




Usually one year approx.

  • You
  • Your U.S. employer
  • Your agent


10+ years experience plus recognition (Exceptional Ability)




Usually one year approx. (longer if you are from China or India)

  • You (in limited circumstances)
  • Your U.S. employer (Requires advertising and recruiting from U.S. employer to show that no U.S. workers are available)


All other experience levels: Requires advertising and recruiting from U.S. employer to show that no U.S. workers are available





About 2 years currently (longer if you are from China, India or Philippines)

  • Your U.S. employer


Investor: $500,000 minimum & create 10 jobs (we do not handle EB-5 cases and will refer you to a colleague)

About one year

  • You as business owner/manager

What if I still don’t meet any of those categories?

A consultation with Hill & Piibe can brainstorm job descriptions and occupations that could qualify for a green card-- you can request a paid consultation by filling out the form to the right. Read more here on U.S. green cards.

Our immigration attorneys work with participants in all areas of the equestrian field. Learn more about our equestrian-related immigration services and see the detailed information below on green cards for a range of work with horses.