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President Biden’s Immig…

President Biden’s Immigration Proposals: How they may affect you! (January 20, 2021)

Today we welcome President Biden and his speedy attention to immigration laws and reform. Below is a summary of his proposals that he issued today, courtesy of the American Immigration Council, and how they can affect you/your family: An eight-year p… Read More
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Trump Extends Ban on Cert…

Trump Extends Ban on Certain Green Cards/Visas (June 22, 2020 Proclamation)

By Susan E. Hill On June 22, 2020 President Trump extended his previous ban (April 22, 2020) and also added in certain temporary visas. The ban is effective immediately until December 31, 2020, for the following categories: Green cards Only applies t… Read More
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Avoid These Mistakes in Y…

Avoid These Mistakes in Your Supporting Evidence

By Alary E. Piibe All immigration cases must be supported by evidence. The evidence should be clear, relevant and consistent with your claim. Here are common mistakes to avoid with your evidence. Errors on officially issued government documents Immig… Read More
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Proposed USCIS Filing Fee…

Proposed USCIS Filing Fee Increases—Apply Before They Go Into Effect!

by Hill & Piibe, June 12, 2020 In November 2019, USCIS published a lengthy notice in the Federal Register about its intention to raise filing fees. As of the writing of this blog, it has not yet finalized the fee increases, and there is no antici… Read More
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O Visas and EB-1 Green Ca…

O Visas and EB-1 Green Cards for Extraordinary Ability—You Might Qualify!

By Susan E. Hill We handle many O visas and green cards for Extraordinary Ability people, and quite often people don’t believe they qualify until they talk to us. “Extraordinary ability” is a generic category which covers most occupations and f… Read More
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What Can I Do For My Immi…

What Can I Do For My Immigration Prospects Right Now During COVID?

By Susan E. Hill, May 18, 2020 COVID-19 has disrupted everyday life across the globe, and people are anticipating that the disruptions will be in place for some time to come. So how will this development impact an immigration case and what can you do… Read More
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The New Public Charge Rul…

The New Public Charge Rules

By Susan E. Hill On August 14, 2019 DHS published its final rule on “public charge,” increasing its scrutiny of the financial status of most people seeking lawful status from inside the U.S. Here is the important information: What is “public ch… Read More
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When USCIS Is Wrong And I…

When USCIS Is Wrong And Insists Your Case Belongs In Immigration Court

By Alary E. Piibe What’s a person to do when they qualify for a green card but USCIS tells them to file it with the wrong agency? One recent client’s case is a prime example of the nightmarish tangle when a person is caught between USCIS and Immi… Read More
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How To Avoid Trouble When…

How To Avoid Trouble When Using Your ESTA or B-1/B-2 Visa

By Susan E. Hill Here are common mistakes people make when using their ESTA/ visitor visa. Some get away with it, but if you’re caught the consequences are severe, and you could be barred from the United States. Remember, it only takes one officer… Read More
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Marijuana  Use—Even Leg…

Marijuana Use—Even Legally – Can Cause Immigration Problems

By Susan E. Hill In this age of growing acceptance for marijuana use, be aware that the U.S. federal government does not share the tolerance. Marijuana use can devastate an immigration case, even if it was used lawfully under another country’s laws… Read More
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