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I-601 And I-601A

I-601 And I-601A "Provisional" Hardship Waivers For Relatives With Unlawful Presence In The U.S.

This article originally appeared in our 2016 Newsletter Some families have heard that their relative is barred from the United States due to prior unlawful presence, and needs a waiver to obtain a family green card. The unlawful presence waiver is ne… Read More
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Real-Life Story: The Trap…

Real-Life Story: The Traps People Don't See

By Alary E. Piibe I attended a green card interview with my client today and walked away with a sense of relief that I had been there to help. This is a long-time client of almost 20 years, and during all this time the government has been trying to d… Read More
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Drunk Driving (DUI) Has a Wide Effect in Immigration Laws

DUI’s are bad. And immigration law has little tolerance for them. The level of danger depends on the severity of the DUI conviction, the number of DUI convictions, and the immigrant’s status in the U.S. (documented or undocumented). DUI’s can b… Read More
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