Client Testimonials

Testimonials found on this website are actual client reviews of Hill & Piibe, Immigration Attorneys. We appreciate our clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.

I had been going through the process already with another firm. Unfortunately, they did not do much research into my case and it turned out I had a deportation notice that I was not aware of. Sadly, my parents petitioned me as a child with a public notary without realizing they were being taken advantage of. Once my immigration appointment came in it was also followed by another letter denying my case due to the deportation status.

Fortunately, one of the victims of this fraud came across Hill & Piibe Law Firm and had her deportation overturned and has successfully obtained her green card. She mentioned how helpful, professional, honest, and sympathetic they are. I made the call and now, I no longer have to worry about a deportation notice.

It’s been so overwhelming having to deal with this process, but since I contacted Hill & Piibe, this has been so much better and I cannot thank them enough for all their help and support. I truly believe they are here to help individuals like myself who’s future is so uncertain and having someone fight for us is a relief.

– Nancy Solorio (Court case / Green Card case), L.A. office

I had my DACA, which was rejected for not sending the correct documentation, someone I knew recommended me to Hill & Piibe, who helped me to reapply and I had no problem. The service was excellent and fast.

They explained everything in detail and gave me payment options.

I recommended 2 people who had the same problems as me with other lawyers and they are happy with the service offered by Hill & Piibe.

Thank you

– Rodolfo (DACA case / Green Card case), L.A. office

As soon as my daughter turned 21, I knew it was time to move forward and find an attorney that would represent me and help me obtain the desired green card. Finding a local attorney and hiring one made my application relatively a smooth process. Any missing documents were easy to drop-off at any time without having to compromise my employment hrs.

A free consultation with the attorney and evening appointments appealed to me. When I went in to see the attorney I was drawn with her reassurance and security in helping me obtain my green card. She's dealt with many complicated cases that involve criminal back-ground, so that really assured me she was the right attorney.

I'm always recommending potential customers to Attorney Hill and Piibe. I would tell customers to not look farther away. Hill & Piibe, Immigration experience and great office staff will help you achieve your desired security in this country.

– Maria Luisa Reyna (Green Card case), San Juan Capistrano office

I was looking to hire someone for my marriage case, and I was looking through online and Hill & Piibe seemed like a good fit. We stopped by the office and talked with Esperanza, she was quick and were helpful, clear and friendly. We felt as we can trust them.

They were helpful, clear, friendly, and trustworthy. Helped us with all our documents and answered all our questions and concerns clearly.

I would definitely recommend Hill & Piibe to someone who's looking for an attorney, I'm certain they will leave with satisfactory results as we were.

– Theophilus & Shirani Perera (Green Card case), San Juan Capistrano office

I am Canadian citizen and now American citizen. I chose Hill and Piibe immigration attorney to represent me in the transition.

Because of the importance of filing correctly, I wanted an attorney to be at my defense. I have had mistakes, as I was filling out my documents, and this office was quick to see it, to avoid any unfair legal setbacks.

Esperanza was a great help, with her good sense of humor and patience!

I have learned well with this legal office, and they made the transition a nice experience. After my citizenship, Esperanza would call on occasions to see how things have developed for me. I could go to the office anytime for something important, and just to sit and have a chat ...

– Inge S. (Naturalization case), San Juan Capistrano office

Hill & Piibe was highly recommended and I had trust in the office. The firm provided me with hope on my case and I was able to obtain my work permit at first and later on my green card.

The office was able to help me in everything. Even gathering the information from previous attorneys.

Hill & Piibe are very professional and are always finding a way to help if its possible.

– Ana Salazar (Green Card case), L.A. office

I was one of those children brought to the United States at a very young age, 1 year old. Unfortunately, my mother was unable to obtain legal citizenship for me. Time passed too fast and I turned 18 and began to look for a job. That's when I was hit with the reality of my ignorance to what legal citizenship meant.

Fortunately, I qualified for TPS, Temporary Protective Status. I searched for years trying to find programs or visas I might qualify under. I must have spoken to a dozen attorneys but all were very vague when I asked about my situation and often told me, "I can't really tell you what you qualify for until I get you full immigration file and that's going to cost X amount of dollars". I was very disillusioned but hopeful that maybe one day it'll work out for me.

Then a great friend of mine referred me to Susan Hill. I had my consultation with her and instantly she was different. She asked me a series of questions, mostly personal, and deep down discovered I qualified under the U-Visa. She was very thorough with the process and I did not hesitate to get started. That was the best decision I ever made. I highly recommend Hill & Piibe for all your immigration needs. I put my trust in them and they put a Green card in mine. It has been six months since I obtained my Permanent Resident card and I am excited to announce that I am fully enrolled at Cal State Los Angeles to pursue my dreams. I couldn't have qualified for such benefits if it wasn't for all their help. I am ever so grateful to the firm. May God continue to bless them and their future clients.

– Maria Serpas (TPS case, U-visa case, Green Card case), L.A. office

I found out about Hill & Piibe through a mutual friend of Susan Hill and me, who got his P-1 sports visa, just like I did, with the help of Susan and her team. I must say I had not heard of or worked with Hill & Piibe ever before, since I am from Germany and this was my first attempt to ever move out of my country.

I quickly found a job as an equestrian in California, my family´s passion and something I could see myself doing for a living abroad. From the get go, Susan Hill and her team were more than just immigration attorneys. I did not expect to get this quality of advice, help with any agency issue or literally a complete “step-by-step” to do list at all. They provided me with all this and even more. To understand the situation, I was very certain about my decision to move, but also, as a German, very anxious to [do] it all the right way so I would raise my chance to get a visa and live the life I dreamed about in California.

With 2 time zones and actual time difference of 9 hours, I was afraid we were having issues to exchange information or even have a conversation on the phone so I get the information that I wanted and Hill & Piibe could get the data they needed. Not even did we have a constantly flowing exchange, no matter what time of the day, I never had to wait for any answer or was not provided with what will happen next or what I will have to do next, Susan and the entire team were so very nice and understanding, supporting and caring about me as a person, my dream to move abroad and my situation, I even felt like they were excited for me and my decision.

The result of all this was a very easy process through all tasks and requirements I had to fulfill. I got my visa after a few months like it was a piece of cake.

Even later on, when I had to change my visa because of a different employment situation, what practically forced me to apply for a new visa all over again, it went just like I called someone to fix my TV. I called explained my situation, Hill & Piibe told me what to do, and again, I had a new visa just like it was the easiest thing.

Of course I could have tried to do this all on my own, but I doubt it would have been as successful and easy as it was seeking the help of Susan and her lovely team. It was worth every single dollar I spent … probably the most wise spent money during my time in the united states!

– Tim Brüggemann (P-visa case), L.A. office

I have used Hill & Piibe Immigration Attorneys several times to help me with my visa and most recently for my green card. I chose to work with an immigration lawyer because there is a lot of paperwork involved and one simple mistake could result in your visa or green card being denied. To avoid this, I did extensive research of who the best immigration lawyer would be to use. Hill & Piibe came highly recommended and after my experience with Susan Hill and her team, I would never use anyone else! They are not only very knowledgeable, skilled and organized, but they also explain every step along the way. I would recommend them to anyone who needs an excellent immigration attorney.

– Emanuel S. (P-visa case and Green Card case), L.A. and San Juan Capistrano offices

My husband and I used Hill & Piibe Immigration Attorneys to file for his green card. He had used them before and always had a very positive experience. They are easy to work with and the whole team is very knowledgeable. They were very good about letting us know what to expect throughout each step of the way. Applying for a visa or green card can be a very stressful process, but because of them we were much more relaxed and the process went very smoothly.

– Brittney A. (Green Card case), L.A. Office