Equestrian-Related Immigration

Equestrian-Related Immigr…

“We Speak Horse”

Partner Susan E. Hill has competed horses nearly all her life and knows the nuances of immigration cases for the horse industry. She can explain your case in a way that immigration officials understand, and get your visa or green card granted. Whether it’s a job involving competition, breeding, sales or ranch care, her insight makes a difference.

FAQs About Working with Horses in the U.S.

Ms. Hill’s two-part series on equestrian immigration appears at ProEquest.com and answers many FAQs:

Part I: What type of work document do I need in the equestrian industry?

Part II: How do I qualify for a visa/green card in the equestrian industry?

Do I need an employer? Can I be an independent contractor?

This depends on the type of job involved, and whether you seek a temporary visa or a green card. Some cases require a U.S. employer, but others allow for self-employment through an agent as long as you prove that someone wants to hire you when you arrive. See our pages below for information on temporary visas or green cards for each type of occupation: rider, groom, trainer and others.

How do I find an agent for self-employment in the U.S. equestrian field?

Hill & Piibe can arrange an agent to represent you.

Contact an Equestrian Immigration Attorney

Contact Hill & Piibe to schedule a Legal Advice Consultation in your immigration matter. Based in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, our immigration attorneys serve clients of all nationalities.

Temporary Visas for Work in the Equestrian Industry

Temporary visas for work in the U.S. in the equestrian industry are available for riders, grooms, trainers, owners, agents, and other occupations.

Permanent Residency (Green Cards) for the Equestrian Industry

Participants in the equestrian industry may be eligible for U.S. green cards (permanent residency) under many different circumstances.

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