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The New ICE Detention and…

The New ICE Detention and Removal/Deportation Priorities

The following is a summary of the new ICE memo issued on February 18, 2021, relating to ICE’s detention and deportation priorities under President Biden. These policies are effective immediately for the next 90 days, and can impact current cases al… Read More
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Marijuana  Use—Even Leg…

Marijuana Use—Even Legally – Can Cause Immigration Problems

By Susan E. Hill In this age of growing acceptance for marijuana use, be aware that the U.S. federal government does not share the tolerance. Marijuana use can devastate an immigration case, even if it was used lawfully under another country’s laws… Read More
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If Judge Roy Moore of Alabama were not born in the U.S., would he be denied U.S. citizenship based upon the sexual abuse allegations against him? The answer will surprise you.

By Alary E. Piibe Former state judge Roy Moore is the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate for the state of Alabama. With the Alabama special Senate election only days away, a number of women have come forward with stories of how Moore forced himself… Read More
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A “Nolo Contendere” Criminal Plea Can Have Unintended Consequences Without the Right Guidance

A couple of weeks ago we filed a Ninth Circuit appeal that demonstrates how a sharp attorney can make a difference where criminal records are involved. Even minor criminal convictions could have serious consequences on an immigration case, after the… Read More
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Ninth Circuit Judges Sound Off In Two Cases, Highlighting The Debate Over Justice And The Future of Immigration Law And Policy

On Tuesday May 30, 2017 the Ninth Circuit published two decisions, wherein two judges on opposing sides of the spectrum weighed in with their opinions and comments to underscore different viewpoints of immigration policy. Habitual Drunkards, and How… Read More
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Ninth Circuit Revokes Asylum Status After Complicated Analysis of the Effect of a Criminal Conviction for Attempted Sexual Abuse

Asylum status protects a person from being sent back to a country where he would be persecuted. However, that status can be revoked due to subsequent criminal behavior that amounts to an “aggravated felony” as defined by immigration law. In Diego… Read More
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Drunk Driving (DUI) Has a Wide Effect in Immigration Laws

DUI’s are bad. And immigration law has little tolerance for them. The level of danger depends on the severity of the DUI conviction, the number of DUI convictions, and the immigrant’s status in the U.S. (documented or undocumented). DUI’s can b… Read More
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Ninth Circuit Will Reconsider Whether Alcoholism is a Bar to Immigration Benefits

On October 12, 2016, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals voted to re-hear a case decided earlier this year, Ledezma-Cosino v. Lynch, No. 12-73289 (March 24, 2016). In the earlier decision, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held… Read More
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