In Case of Detention

In Case of Detention

Employers, family members and friends want to know how to help someone they care about if that person is detained. Here’s what happens, and what can be done to help:

Act quickly and have us get involved right away to determine how we can help—some people may be slated for immediate removal and need fast intervention

We can locate your person in the system, and get information about plans and timeline for possible removal/deportation

We can speak to the deportation officer and try to stop or delay the deportation

We can file a stay of removal in some cases

We can request a bond determination for release and present the facts as strongly as possible

We can request a Credible Fear Interview to stop removal due to legitimate fear of persecution/harm in the home country

We can file a motion to reopen and erase an old removal/deportation order if there are supporting grounds

We can fight the case before an Immigration Judge if your detained person is eligible to see one

Who’s at risk? Right now, anyone without lawful status in the U.S., but especially those with old deportation orders and criminal records

ICE is ramping up its ranks and its presence—we hear more and more reports of local targets and raids

Read our newsletter for tips on how to be prepared in case of arrest/detention by ICE, and Know Your Rights cards are available as well. Newsletter available here.