"From the get go, Susan Hill and her team were more than just immigration attorneys."

I found out about Hill & Piibe through a mutual friend of Susan Hill and me, who got his P-1 sports visa, just like I did, with the help of Susan and her team. I must say I had not heard of or worked with Hill & Piibe ever before, since I am from Germany and this was my first attempt to ever move out of my country.

I quickly found a job as an equestrian in California, my family´s passion and something I could see myself doing for a living abroad. From the get go, Susan Hill and her team were more than just immigration attorneys. I did not expect to get this quality of advice, help with any agency issue or literally a complete “step-by-step” to do list at all. They provided me with all this and even more. To understand the situation, I was very certain about my decision to move, but also, as a German, very anxious to [do] it all the right way so I would raise my chance to get a visa and live the life I dreamed about in California.

With 2 time zones and actual time difference of 9 hours, I was afraid we were having issues to exchange information or even have a conversation on the phone so I get the information that I wanted and Hill & Piibe could get the data they needed. Not even did we have a constantly flowing exchange, no matter what time of the day, I never had to wait for any answer or was not provided with what will happen next or what I will have to do next, Susan and the entire team were so very nice and understanding, supporting and caring about me as a person, my dream to move abroad and my situation, I even felt like they were excited for me and my decision.

The result of all this was a very easy process through all tasks and requirements I had to fulfill. I got my visa after a few months like it was a piece of cake.

Even later on, when I had to change my visa because of a different employment situation, what practically forced me to apply for a new visa all over again, it went just like I called someone to fix my TV. I called explained my situation, Hill & Piibe told me what to do, and again, I had a new visa just like it was the easiest thing.

Of course I could have tried to do this all on my own, but I doubt it would have been as successful and easy as it was seeking the help of Susan and her lovely team. It was worth every single dollar I spent … probably the most wise spent money during my time in the united states!