"I couldn't have qualified for such benefits if it wasn't for all their help."

I was one of those children brought to the United States at a very young age, 1 year old. Unfortunately, my mother was unable to obtain legal citizenship for me. Time passed too fast and I turned 18 and began to look for a job. That's when I was hit with the reality of my ignorance to what legal citizenship meant.

Fortunately, I qualified for TPS, Temporary Protective Status. I searched for years trying to find programs or visas I might qualify under. I must have spoken to a dozen attorneys but all were very vague when I asked about my situation and often told me, "I can't really tell you what you qualify for until I get you full immigration file and that's going to cost X amount of dollars". I was very disillusioned but hopeful that maybe one day it'll work out for me.

Then a great friend of mine referred me to Susan Hill. I had my consultation with her and instantly she was different. She asked me a series of questions, mostly personal, and deep down discovered I qualified under the U-Visa. She was very thorough with the process and I did not hesitate to get started. That was the best decision I ever made. I highly recommend Hill & Piibe for all your immigration needs. I put my trust in them and they put a Green card in mine. It has been six months since I obtained my Permanent Resident card and I am excited to announce that I am fully enrolled at Cal State Los Angeles to pursue my dreams. I couldn't have qualified for such benefits if it wasn't for all their help. I am ever so grateful to the firm. May God continue to bless them and their future clients.