"I truly believe they are here to help individuals like myself."

I had been going through the process already with another firm. Unfortunately, they did not do much research into my case and it turned out I had a deportation notice that I was not aware of. Sadly, my parents petitioned me as a child with a public notary without realizing they were being taken advantage of. Once my immigration appointment came in it was also followed by another letter denying my case due to the deportation status.

Fortunately, one of the victims of this fraud came across Hill & Piibe Law Firm and had her deportation overturned and has successfully obtained her green card. She mentioned how helpful, professional, honest, and sympathetic they are. I made the call and now, I no longer have to worry about a deportation notice.

It’s been so overwhelming having to deal with this process, but since I contacted Hill & Piibe, this has been so much better and I cannot thank them enough for all their help and support. I truly believe they are here to help individuals like myself who’s future is so uncertain and having someone fight for us is a relief.